Life Is Simple, People Make It Complicated

A good friend once told me,
“Life Is Simple, People Make It Complicated”

Ever since, I couldn’t get that phrase out my mind. I would ask myself, so if life is simple and people make it complicated then what should I do? What should I do with people? I know I’m always going to have people around me in life, so what should I change?

A spent days, probably even weeks thinking about what will be the answer or response to that phrase. How can I use that phrase as a benefit for my life, there was something in that phrase, I felt had a deeper meaning.

I began to realize that, people are people. People are me. So I thought, am I complicated? When I thought about it I said yes. Actually, I’m more complicated then anyone I know! I had to get out of my body and look at myself, hear myself, and listen to how I was thinking most of the time. I’m always trying to find new ways to approach things, always looking for answers and I’m always asking why. But this stuff is not bad I told myself, why would this complicate my life?

I came to this conclusion

Life is simple, because everything is already there, all you need to do, is do it. Now, of course you may run into a few surprises in life, good or bad, and it may change your life around. But If you have determination, order and drive, life is simple. People or YOU make it complicated. Don’t complicate things, if you see something going a certain way without you even doing anything, let it be. A lot of people including myself add things to life, which makes it complicated.

Life will get complicated with the things you say, do and think. Make goals, but have a simple plan. Start a relationship, but when your picking the person you would like to be with, pick someone whose life is not complicated. If you hear them complain all the time, thats a warning that you and that person might not click and the relationship wont last long. Relationships go from friends to girlfriends and boyfriends to family.

I think the relationships we have is what complicates our lives to most. Stay away from certain people, its simple. Many will say, well its not that simple. YES IT IS! when you start telling yourself, this is easy, ill get out of this situation, this is not hard, you began to trust yourself and believe that, yes indeed, its not as hard as you think. Do what you got to do. What you got to do is find a way to make your life simple.

Do these things, relax and start thinking about how you can make your life easier, even if its just a little. A little bit of change may save your life and your music career!